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7 Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Vacation Home Buyers

As the second largest island in Hawaii, Maui is widely known for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and some of the best surfing in the world. Tucked away from the coast, lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and majestic outcroppings provide a stunning landscape perfect for romantic evenings or an immersive experience in nature. Maui residents promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle to preserve its unique ecology and natural resources. There’s a strong emphasis on sustainability, renewable energy, organic farming, and conservation efforts.

Maui boasts a vibrant Hawaiian culture that is both celebrated and embraced by the local community. Residents immerse themselves in traditional Hawaiian customs, language, music, dance, and cuisine, providing a unique cultural experience. Despite the large number of tourists, Maui has retained its charming, small-town atmosphere. There’s a strong sense of community; neighbors often become lifelong friends. The slower-paced lifestyle and the abundance of outdoor recreation make it one of the most popular destinations in Hawaii. Because of this, the real estate market remains very strong. When you’re ready to sell your vacation home, here are seven elements your listing needs to wow vacation home buyers.

High-quality photographs, images, and videos

Home buyers will browse listings online, so you need high-quality photos and images to capture their attention. Photos of your home matter in real estate because they help showcase the architectural details and design elements. You should include images of the floor plan, every room, its unique features, and available amenities.

Consider creating a virtual tour or video with a walkthrough to add to your listing, as it will give a better sense of the property's layout and flow to those buying vacation homes and help them better visualize the space.

Online photographs and videos often form a buyer's first impression, especially in today’s digital age. Because of this, you must use high-quality photos that are visually appealing to grab the attention of buyers. This can increase your exposure, lead to potential referrals, and ultimately increase the number of viewings and inquiries.

Uncluttered and spacious rooms

Rooms without clutter often appear larger and can create a sense of openness. Both buyers and renters will consider the amount of space available when looking at potential homes. Typically, buyers want to see versatile and adaptable rooms in a home so that they can personalize each space to their own preferences. Buyers are often willing to pay more for homes with larger rooms. Cluttered rooms look smaller and less comfortable overall. By changing up your furniture arrangement and storing away personal belongings you don’t use regularly, you can make the rooms in your home appear larger and more spacious.

Unique features

In a competitive rental market, the home’s unique features and characteristics will make it stand out from other properties in the area. This can include architectural details, luxury elements, design themes, specialty rooms, breathtaking views, level of privacy, and proximity to the beach and other attractions. Unique features in a vacation home can give guests a more memorable experience. The home's uniqueness can make it more appealing and attract renters and referrals.

Essential amenities

Essential amenities for vacation homes may vary. However, having the most common essentials can make or break the sale of your vacation home. Remember your target demographic and the common reasons people have when choosing a vacation rental instead of a hotel or resort.

A fully-equipped kitchen is one of the most important amenities that set vacation rentals apart. Your kitchen should have necessary appliances, such as a stove, an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. This is a highly-sought after amenity by families with children or large groups of vacationers who want the convenience of dining at home. Clean and well-maintained bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces should also be highlighted.

Additional amenities

In addition to essential amenities, your listing should showcase additional amenities the property has to offer. Again, think of features that will set it apart from traditional hotels. Laundry facilities, private pools and hot tubs, parking garages, workspaces, and outdoor living areas are among the specialty amenities vacationers often look for. Some vacation rentals feature shared areas like fitness centers, outdoor barbeques, and community pools. These should also be mentioned in your listing.

Highlight the location and surrounding areas

Highlight the location of the vacation property and what makes that location special. Maui has many desirable neighborhoods, and each has its own unique characteristics, whether it’s proximity to the beaches, the airport, tourist destinations, or nearby towns. Be sure to discuss how secluded or private the location is.

Describe the surrounding area, including landmarks and attractions accessible from the vacation property. Nearby beaches, parks, hiking trails, shopping plazas, cultural sites, entertainment venues, restaurants, and other points of interest should be listed. Include outdoor spaces and activities, such as sports and water recreation like basketball courts and boat rentals.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Having positive reviews and testimonials will attract home buyers and their future guests to the vacation property. When browsing rental properties, travelers often rely on other guest experiences. Positive reviews and testimonials will attract more bookings and significantly impact the number of guests wanting to stay at the property. By maintaining good customer service, you increase your chances of building a base of repeat clients.

Work with an experienced and local real estate team

The Ohana Real Estate Team is a leader in the real estate industry. Known for treating their clients like family, the team’s fundamental principles are developing relationships and building trust, two crucial factors that go a long way in providing their customers with the best services and experience. The team works with Compass Concierge to offer professional services such as staging, painting, and photography and a hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price. Call the Ohana Real Estate Team today to help prepare your Maui real estate for sale.

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