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8 Tips to Increase the ROI of Your Maui Luxury Real Estate

Teeming with luxury amenities and natural beauty, Maui is one of the most desirable U.S. real estate markets to purchase a primary and secondary home. Maui’s market is low on inventory and saturated with luxury buyers—which is excellent news for sellers.

If you’re planning to list your Maui home for sale, capitalize on this market by investing some time into home improvement. Certain projects will yield a reliably high return on investment (ROI) for Maui sellers and can help ensure that your home will sell quickly and at the highest possible price when the time comes.

Tips for increasing ROI when listing your Maui home for sale

Improve the landscaping

Maui is home to a lush natural landscape. Thus, it’s no surprise that your landscaping is one of the first things a buyer will notice when looking at your Maui home. Beautiful native flora is abundant on the island, and playing that up is the key to designing your outdoor space. If your home is surrounded by lush greenery, hire a landscaping crew that can provide definition and character to your already beautiful surroundings. An experienced team will bring your creative vision to life, whether you’re installing grass, planting resilient native species, or accessorizing your garden with elegant accent pieces. Waterfalls or fountains evoke feelings of tranquility, while statues add eye-catching, artistic elements. Decide on a vision, and then work to bring that vision to life. This extra effort will prove lucrative as landscaping improvements yield an average of 200-400% ROI.

Improve your exterior

Maintaining your home’s exterior is crucial when preparing to list your Maui real estate. Buyers will make their first impression of your home right away, so you need to ensure that your property looks as spectacular from the outside as it does from the inside. General maintenance tips include power washing and clearing debris from your walkway and front entrance, and taking care of any minor or major repairs to your home’s siding. Freshly painted trim brings a home’s exterior together, especially when paired with a freshly painted door (new garage doors also provide excellent ROI for home sellers). Beauty and tranquility are among the greatest appeals of living on Maui, so you’ll want to make sure your home reflects that. The average ROI on exterior improvements is about 95%.

Prepare the waterfront

If you’re lucky enough to own waterfront Maui real estate, highlighting access to the water is a surefire way to appeal to buyers. Make sure your pathway to the water is clear and well-maintained. If you have ocean views, make sure your windows are spotless, so buyers can look out and imagine waking up to the view every day.

Save energy

Today’s buyers are attuned to energy savings—especially those in Maui, which has become an ideal testing ground for many innovative, energy-saving technologies. You can update your home’s energy-saving abilities in both big and small ways. Investing in energy-saving windows is particularly effective, as many of today’s models can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs. Storm windows will save you 12-33% annually on your electric bill and are sleeker, easier to maneuver, and eligible for tax rebates. Shutters can help keep your house cool and provide protection against Pacific storms. Replace all your light bulbs with smart, adjustable bulbs with an Energy Star rating. This quick switch can save you up to 9% on your electric bill and will help illuminate your home for potential buyers.

Update the kitchen

Renovating your kitchen—fully or partially—is one of the best ways to appeal to buyers. According to Zillow and American Financing, a full-gut kitchen renovation averages a 75% ROI. The most surefire way to stay up-to-date with trends is to re-do your kitchen with the help of an experienced designer. Today’s luxury kitchen trends emphasize glazed tile backsplashes, a mix of vintage and antique elements, the addition of glass partitions, statement metal hoods above the stove, and layered lighting. Work with an experienced Maui interior designer to decide on the style that best suits your home.

Buyers of Maui luxury homes also want to see modern appliances, which can mean updating yours to reflect today’s best options. Kitchen islands with range cooktops, stainless steel appliances, smart refrigerators, and commercial-use appliances have all come to define luxury kitchens. Lean into these trends, knowing you’ll get upwards of 80% of your investment back when selling.

Update the bathrooms

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms for potential buyers. They take on a lot of daily wear-and-tear, which is why updating them regularly is vital. This year’s luxury bathrooms emphasize bold wallpaper, spa aesthetics, and organic textures—perfect elements to feature in a Maui luxury home. Similar to the kitchen, updating bathroom appliances will go a long way with buyers. Soaking tubs, smart toilets, and bronze or gold fixtures are sure to make your bathrooms shine.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Fresh paint is one of the easiest ways to make a room look pristine, and this year’s top paint colors are ideal for Maui aesthetics. Vibrant and earthy hues are on every interior designer’s radar this year. Lean into these shades when it comes to repainting your home prior to listing. You want each room to look fresh and well-cared for, and fresh paint is a surefire way to boost your ROI (because it's affordable, and buyers love fresh walls!)

Work with an experienced agent

The best way to make sure you’re getting the most from your Maui home is to work with an experienced local agent. When you're ready to list your Maui home for sale, reach out to the Ohana Real Estate Team. They know what Maui buyers are looking for in a luxury home and will be able to help guide your home improvement process towards the best ROI possible. Wherever you are in the process of renovating or listing your home, contact Ohana Real Estate Team today.

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