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A Guide to Wailuku’s Best Restaurants

Nestled within Maui County, Wailuku offers breathtaking views, a ten-minute drive to the beach, and ample surfing opportunities. This contained city of 17,000 in west-central Maui is a growing community of culture and multi-ethnic eateries. With options that cover Pacific cuisines from Vietnam to Japan as well as traditional Hawaiian and American eats, Wailuku is a culinary hub of the Hawaiian Islands. Residents of Wailuku real estate are privileged to have a plethora of exciting dining options within a short distance of their homes.

Take a look at some of the best restaurants in Wailuku

Bamboo Grille

It’s all about island hospitality at Bamboo Grille! For laid-back, classic Hawaiian meals bursting with flavor Bamboo Grille is a popular spot for locals and tourists and offers exceptional American and Japanese cuisines. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Bamboo Grille is located on Lower Main Street and features an extensive menu with a variety of dishes.
Enjoy a specialty breakfast of veggie fried rice with two eggs, a Boogie Board sandwich with two eggs and your choice of meat on top of a large pancake, or steamed fish of the day crafted with taro leaves and slathered with mayo and oyster sauce. Bamboo Grille is the casual spot in Wailuku that leaves your belly full and keeps you coming back for more! They’re open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

SixtyTwo MarcKet

Photo courtesy of SixtyTwo MarcKet

For innovative, farm-fresh cuisine worthy of a magazine spread, the dishes at SixtyTwo MarcKet cannot be beat. The chefs here don’t limit themselves to one style of food they create everything under the sun at SixtyTwo MarcKet! From Sunrise Papaya yogurt with housemade granola to short rib hash with kale, caramelized Maui onions, yams, and poached eggs, SixtyTwo is Wailuku’s favorite spot for a fresh breakfast with quality ingredients.
Their menu rotates seasonally (every 62 days, hence the restaurant’s name) and features fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The chefs take pride in their creativity here each dish is artfully crafted with variety in mind to make use of local products. They’re located at 62 N. Market Street (of course) and open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sam Sato’s

You know what they say about restaurants with a wait they’re worth it and Sam Sato’s is no exception. An unassuming diner bursting with Japanese delights, Sam Sato’s offers traditional comfort food for great prices in a welcoming atmosphere. It’s one of those restaurants that makes you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door their expert service and friendly faces adds to the charm of this beloved diner.
Guests can choose from a wide selection of noodle dishes, beef skewers and chopped steak, and even cheeseburgers! Something for everyone, Sam Sato’s is a Wailuku institution and one that cannot be missed! Sam Sato’s is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Cafe O’Lei

Owned and operated by chefs Michael and Dana Pastula, Cafe O’Lei is a family-run restaurant specializing in “simply good cooking.” From mouthwatering sushi rolls to unique entrees and signature salads, Cafe O’Lei offers an exciting menu cultivated for a wide variety of tastes. If you’ve got a craving, count on curbing it at Cafe O’Lei!
Enjoy fresh meals artfully crafted by husband and wife duo Michael and Dana and indulge in a creative cocktail. Menu items include crab cakes with mangos, roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted veggie flatbread, and Macadamia nut-crusted chicken with lemon caper butter and mashed potatoes. If your stomach’s rumbling, make a reservation or stop by for dinner Cafe O’Lei has four locations with the closest in Waikapu.

808 on Main

Photo courtesy of 808 on Main

808 on Main holds the title of the best spot for a business lunch on Maui. This cafe is the place to go for elevated but affordable paninis, salads, soups, and sandwiches. You’ll find lamb lettuce wrap appetizers and shiitake beef melts alongside classic cobb salads and traditional chicken tenders. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it at 808.

This restaurant lives up to its namesake as it is, in fact, located on Main street between S. Church and S. Market and is just a five-minute drive from the white sands of Kahului Beach. A favorite of Wailuku locals since its opening in 2015, 808 takes lunch to the next level. When you start looking into Wailuku real estate, be sure to drop by this popular eatery to enjoy an excellent meal.

Donut Dynamite

Image courtesy of Donut Dynamite

Treat yourself to a delectable dessert. Settled on Lower Main Street steps from the greenery of Papohaku Park, Donut Dynamite is a craft donut shop with exciting flavors and is a favorite of those who own Wailuku real estate. DD’s owner and chef, Madame Donut, opened the shop in 2013 and has dived into creating an idiosyncratic and delicious experience.
Another Maui favorite, Donut Dynamite specializes in gourmet brioche donuts hand-made in dazzling colors and designs. You have to be quick to snag a Banana Coco Butterscotch or Apple Crisp Fritter Donut, as these are exceedingly popular. In the mood for something more classic? Try the vanilla bean or chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles. For savory flavors, you can order their Cheesy Hammy Savory Donut or a Green Eggs and Ham Brekkie Bun. Donut Dynamite is only open on Saturdays please pre-order online.

Shikeda Bento Patisserie

The Shikeda Bento Patisserie combines classic Hawaiian flavors with modern Japanese cuisine in this unique find across the street from 808 on Main. Find both savory and sweet eats here as you sample sushi bento boxes or try one of their individually made desserts. Delicate Japanese pastries filled with cream and topped with fruit are a specialty here some are even shaped like turtles in homage to the gorgeous natural beauty of the surrounding area. It’s quintessential Japanese culture with a French bakery flair.
Order the Cookie-Top Cream Puffs and Japanese Roll Cakes, which show French and Japanese fusion baking at its best. On the savory side, try Shikeda’s Furikake Salmon or Onigiri. Open from 11:00 to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, Shikeda is a take-away only restaurant, the best spot to grab a quick lunch or pick up an early-afternoon snack.

A Saigon Cafe

Image courtesy of A Saigon Cafe

Another Wailuku staple tucked between Lower Main Street and Kaniela Street, A Saigon Cafe, is the best of Vietnamese eating in Wailuku. Well-loved by locals since the early 1990s, Saigon Cafe is consistently rated one of the best restaurants on the entire island. In addition to dining, Saigon Cafe also offers monthly wine tasting events and Wednesday happy hours from 4-6 pm.
You’ll want to order their award-winning salmon special or the fresh steamed fish when dining in. Seasonal vegetables are available with the mains, and appetizers range from spring and summer rolls to shrimp pops and crispy calamari. This is the perfect place to enjoy a flavorful meal when in the area looking at Wailuku homes for sale.

Mike’s Hong Kong Bistro

A couple blocks west of A Saigon Cafe, Mike’s Hong Kong Bistro is a favorite for take-out. The restaurant boasts fresh ingredients and new twists on classic Chinese dishes. Order from their all-day menu or choose a lunch plate. Mike’s also offers a catering menu for larger groups.
Sample their Chicken Katsu Curry or Teriyaki Short Ribs. Their House Seafood Combo is a local favorite in addition to the Deep Fried Shrimp Plate and House Veggie Stir Fry. Mike’s Hong Kong Bistro adds another layer to the multicultural eateries in Wailuku by rounding out a selection of Pacific and East-Asian options.

Tiffany’s Bar & Grill

Tiffany’s Bar and Grill
sits next to the Hawaii Fudge Company just south of Donut Dynamite on Lower Main Street. Before you grab dessert, satisfy your dinner craving at Tiffany’s. Their lively bar is available for dine-in or takeout and features a wide selection of cocktails to accompany their Asian fusion menu.
The Noda Chow Fun is a family-recipe dating back three decades, and the shrimp tempura and seafood platter take advantage of the city’s coastal location. If you’re in the mood for more traditional bar and grill fare, you can order their fish and chips too. With fresh seafood brought in daily, Tiffany’s is a must-visit for visitors or residents of Wailuku real estate.

Empanada Lady

Image courtesy of Empanada Lady

Finally, for something other than tastes of the Pacific, try the Empanada Lady up on W. Vineyard Street, which is a Dominican, Jamaican, and Cuban-inspired restaurant. Currently open for take-out only, the Empanada Lady is a savory option for those preferring a little more spice.
Try their titular Empanada appetizer followed by the Jamaican Coconut Curry, Jerk Chicken, or Dominican Slow Roast Pork. Pair your meal with a refreshing Organic Mint Lemonade to balance out the bold flavors of the food before hitting the beach.

Ready to take a bite out of Wailuku real estate?

Wailuku offers a variety of Pacific cuisines as well as those of France, Latin America, and the mainland. With each restaurant only a few blocks from the beach, they’re great places to find respite from the sun and surf or gear up for an afternoon on the waves. If you’re interested in learning more about local restaurants or about Wailuku homes for sale, contact Ohana Real Estate Team for expert guidance.

*Header photo courtesy of Mike’s Hong Kong Bistro

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