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Exploring Wailuku: A Guide to the Town's Hottest Restaurants, Bars, and Museums

Located in Hawaii at the foot of the West Maui Mountains is Wailuku, a charming island town.

This tranquil and peaceful town charms with its old churches, wooden storefronts, antique stores, and quaint high-end restaurants that continue to pay homage to its roots.

If you are ready to explore Wailuku, here is a sneak peek of the town's vibrant culinary scene, lively bars, and intriguing museums.

Wailuku's top restaurants

Indulge your palate in the diverse Wailuku culinary scene, satisfying your cravings for anything your heart desires, whether it's fresh mahi-mahi or juicy burgers. Explore these cherished local restaurants:

A Saigon Café

Tucked away at 1792 Main Street, A Saigon Café beckons as a charming sanctuary. Within, culinary magic unfolds with authentic Vietnamese fare, a symphony of fresh herbs, crisp vegetables, and tantalizing ingredients. This is an excellent place to bring your family for delicious seafood dishes and cultural experiences. Indulge in flavorful dishes such as pho (noodle soup), banh mi (sandwiches), spring rolls, and rice dishes. You will also get exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture, including the interior décor and ambiance and the music and menu items.

Ichiban Okazuya

If you love the scent of fresh ginger and steaming rice, head to Ichiban Okazuya, a quaint Japanese-Hawaiian restaurant serving traditional Japanese delicacies. The menu includes many options, including teriyaki chicken, kalua pork, sushi rolls, sweet potato tempura, and steamed broccoli. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere at Ichiban Okazuya adds to the overall dining experience.

Wailuku Coffee Company

Whether you want to start your day with hot steaming coffee or are looking for a cozy and inviting atmosphere to relax, read, or work in, Wailuku Coffee Company is the place to go. This family-owned and operated cafe is known for its laid-back ambiance, friendly staff, and the most flavorful coffees in the world. At their Wailuku location, they open their doors quite early and keep things flowing late into the evening. Enjoy a mug of freshly brewed coffee with distinct flavors and aromas, including Americanos, Cappuccinos, Chai Lattes, and White Chocolate Mochas.

Wailuku's trendiest bars

As the sun sets, Wailuku awakens with an electric nightlife that ignites the spirits of locals and wanderers. Here are some hot bars to explore in Wailuku: 

L'AVA'S Sports Bar & Karaoke

If you want to enjoy Karaoke in Wailuku, this is the place to be. L'AVA'S is a neighborhood bar specializing in kine drinks and delicious dishes. You can gather with friends to watch your favorite teams or matches on big screens, enjoy food and beverages, and immerse yourself in the exciting local atmosphere. Grab a microphone at their dedicated karaoke area and showcase your singing skills.

Wai Bar

The Wai Bar is a superb spot for anyone looking for good music, great drinks, and fantastic crowds. This chic bar serves craft cocktails and a wide selection of local and international beers. They have live music on some nights and regular DJs on the rocks to keep revelers on their feet late into the night. It is an excellent location for a night out with the girls or guys.

Kahului Ale House

Located nearby in Kahului, this sports bar often has a bustling crowd. It offers a fantastic food menu and an extraordinary beverage section featuring over 36 draft beers and 350 drinks. If you are a sports enthusiast, this is an ideal place to follow live sports, thanks to its 69 high-definition TVs, five zones of sound, and continuous streaming of major sporting events worldwide. Besides its wide assortment of drinks, this bar boasts flavorful Hawaiian cuisine, including delicious shrimp tacos, hand-tossed pizzas, pupus, a sushi menu, and salads.

Hottest Wailuku museums to visit

Maui has a deep-rooted history, and Wailuku is home to several notable sights and museums worth exploring. Whether you are vacationing in the town or traveling for business trips, here are some of the top Wailuku museums to visit:

Maui Okinawa Cultural Center

The Maui Okinawa Cultural Center showcases the cultural heritage and traditions of the Okinawan people in Hawaii. This community center displays exhibits, including old household furnishing, tools, and musical instruments, that honor first-generation immigrants and their descendants. A visit to the center could be an excellent opportunity to learn about the Okinawan community's contributions to Hawaii's diverse cultural landscape.

Humpback National Marine Sanctuary Visitor Center

This gem offers an excellent spot to whale watch on land or water. The Visitor Center features rotating exhibits that reveal the culture and preservation of marine animals and all aquatic life. Head to their outdoor area to enjoy panoramic ocean views and potentially spot humpback whales and other marine life in their natural habitat.

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Wailuku is a popular town with charming old buildings, art galleries, cultural sites, and eclectic restaurants and bars. A visit to Wailuku is a perfect opportunity to immerse in the local Hawaiian culture, interact with locals, and experience life on the island.

Its natural beauty, pleasant climate, and proximity to top tourist destinations make it an attractive destination for investors looking for vacation rentals and investment properties. If you are looking for an ideal property to invest in Wailuku, contact the ‘Ohana Real Estate Team today. We have vast experience in the Wailuku real estate market and can help you buy or sell your property.

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