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Make a Lasting Impression with These 7 Home Staging Tips

“Home staging” has become a buzzword in today’s real estate market, but what exactly does it entail, and how important is it when selling your home? In a nutshell, home staging is simply showcasing the best that your house has to offer and providing potential buyers with a glimpse into all the possibilities of a life well-lived that they can experience in your home. Is staging really that important? The statistics shout out a resounding “Yes!”
  • Staged homes sell up to 30 times faster than those that are not staged.
  • The average sales price of a staged home is 6% above the original listing.
  • Those who don’t stage their homes find themselves reducing their prices to sell and lose more than they would have paid for staging.
In a competitive market, you want your home to be what buyers remember after a long day of house-hunting — and ultimately, the one they choose to purchase. Use these pro tips in home staging from the 'Ohana Real Estate Team to make your home unforgettable.

1. Stop their swiping

First impressions are lasting ones, and the modern home buyer begins their search for a new property online. This means your online presence is a vital one. Don’t let lackluster photography that fails to showcase the beauty of your property cost you a buyer! Professional photography must capture, in bright, crystal-clear detail, the amenities and features of your property that will entice prospective buyers to come and see it in person.
Modern online marketing is sophisticated and complex. In addition to photos, many Realtors utilize cinematic videos, drone video footage, narrated virtual tours, and even single property websites to capture the story of your property and build emotional connections with buyers. Talk with your realtor about the best strategy to showcase your unique property online and to attract your ideal buyer.

2. Ensure the home is in tip-top shape

Once buyers have scheduled an appointment and have come to see your home, see to it that they feel welcomed and at home from the moment they pull into the driveway. Keep your lawn neatly trimmed, flower beds freshly mulched, and colorful flowers on display. Place a cheerful rug at the entrance, and if you have a front porch, equip it with chairs and cushions to create a friendly gathering space.
Give attention to the details. Are your rain gutters in good repair? Is your mailbox painted? Have you pressure-washed the driveway and sidewalks? Regardless of your home’s age, help it look youthful and welcoming with fresh paint, bright colors, and sparkling cleanliness.

3. Make yourself invisible

It is important that the buyer can imagine this house filled with his family photos and her curtains and throw pillows. Go ahead and pack away all of the personal treasures that make your home undeniably yours, and opt instead to showcase a home that is lovely but depersonalized. This includes the quirky color schemes your kids begged to have in their bedrooms and the tributes to your alma mater that may have brightened your home during your residence.

4. Send pets on vacation

Tips in home staging extend to your pets as well. Not only does a house full of strangers make pets nervous (especially since you won’t be there with them when potential buyers are touring), but not everyone has the same feelings about dogs, cats, or even fish that you do. Animal lovers will be distracted from touring the house by your adorable pets, and those who don’t care for pets will be turned off at the idea of occupying a house previously owned by four-legged creatures. Remove evidence of your pets, cleaning up any pet stains, painting over scratch marks, and packing away their toys.

5. Strategic arrangement of furniture

What do you like best about your home? Try to remember back to when you first purchased it — or to improvements you’ve enjoyed in the time you lived there. These features are the ones that will likely cause the next homeowner to fall in love with your place, too. Strategize with your home stager to ensure that the flow of movement through the house guides them to the picture window with the incredible views, shows off the beautiful kitchen upgrades, or draws the eye upward to notice the unique light fixtures.
As a general rule, less is more — more visibility, more space, more room for the imagination, and more opportunity for the features of the house itself to shine.

6. Make the most of your lighting

Well-lit houses exude warmth and cheerfulness. Remove bulky drapes and blackout curtains during the time your home is on the market, and keep the blinds open for scheduled appointments, capitalizing on every bit of natural lighting you can draw in. For the rooms that are dimly lit or for evening tours, make sure you’ve got bright, fully functioning lights in every room. Any remaining dark corners or windowless rooms will benefit from tasteful floor lamps and a well-hung mirror to capture and brighten the room.

7. Leave no area untouched

Every nook and cranny of your home will be subject to inspection by potential buyers. They’ll want to know how much storage space you have in closets, cabinets, the garage, and the attic. They’ll want to inspect your kitchen appliances and pantry. We can’t finish a list of tips in home staging without this friendly reminder.
Strive to reduce the contents of your storage areas by half, even if it means you rent out a storage unit. The cost will be worth it as you go ahead and proactively make decisions about getting rid of things you no longer need and won’t carry with you to your new home. Store only what you need, and a substantial piece of the work of relocating has become instantly more manageable. The impact of this effort is undeniable. Buyers will be impressed by the amount of storage space your home has (an amenity everyone wants!), and they will also see that this home has been meticulously cared for. Buyer confidence sells your home quicker and at a price you’ll be pleased with.

Close the deal with these tips for home staging

With a well-staged home, potential buyers will connect with the value and possibilities they see. The perceived value of your home will supersede that of the competition, which translates into quicker sales at higher prices. If you’re ready to learn how to stage your home well, reach out to the home-selling experts of the 'Ohana Real Estate Team today.

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