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Seven Ways to Increase the Number of Offers on Your Lahaina Home

Lahaina real estate is desirable for several reasons, including its beachfront locations, outdoor recreation, and surrounding amenities. However, relying on amenities alone isn’t enough to generate offers from buyers. When listing your property to sell, use these seven ways to increase the offers you receive.

1. Know your market

Waiting to sell in the right market can have a great effect on how many offers your listing generates. Generally, sellers should aim to list their properties during a seller’s market or when there isn’t enough housing supply to meet buyer demand. This pushes prices up, creates more competition between buyers, and gives sellers more negotiation power. Sellers listing during a buyer’s market will find it more difficult to generate multiple offers, as there is adequate supply to meet buyer demand.

Maui experienced cooling trends throughout the third quarter, although market trends across the island still lean in a seller’s favor. In November, months of inventory increased 100% compared to last year and is currently at 3.4 months. The median sold price remains high at $1.025 million.

2. Work with an agent

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Sellers listing a Lahaina home have the best chance at receiving multiple offers for their property by partnering with an agent local to the island, like the ‘Ohana Real Estate Team. An agent will have the expertise and resources a seller will need to attract buyers’ interest, such as local market knowledge and an understanding of what buyers in the area are looking for. They can help sellers prepare their homes effectively, providing advice, tips, and resources like a home stager or a home contractor.

An agent’s access to the MLS and other online, physical, and in-person marketing tactics increases the visibility of a seller’s listing, ensuring that all interested buyers can find the property. When a seller does have to decide between more than one offer, an agent can provide solid advice based on a seller’s personal goals and accurate market information.

3. Price competitively

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Another important tactic sellers shouldn’t overlook when listing their Lahaina home is to price their homes competitively. An experienced agent can put together a comparative market analysis to estimate your property’s value by researching similar properties in the area. They’ll also consider your property’s specifics, like its condition, size, upgrades, and location. Pricing too high can cause your listing to linger on the market, while underpricing runs the risk of missing out on profit.

4. Order a pre-listing inspection

Ordering a pre-listing inspection equips sellers with the information they need about any hidden repairs that would affect the sale or the value of their property. With this information, a seller can decide what repairs to make on their home, avoiding any unwanted surprises in a home inspection further into the process. A pre-listing inspection can also provide valuable information to a buyer if sellers make the report accessible to searchers. This is desirable for buyers uninterested in dealing with a property’s unknowns.

5. Make your home spotless

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A messy home repels buyers, as it shows that a seller didn’t care for a property. A mess may also indicate more serious signs of neglect in the house, which can decrease buyer interest and offers. Be sure to clean the home from top to bottom, as well as declutter by donating or selling items. Creating an interior that’s spacious and bright will appeal to a buyer who is considering a property.

Staging homes for sale in Lahaina also has a serious impact on buyer interest, as it creates a “blank slate” effect that makes it easier for buyers to imagine living in a property. For towns like Lahaina, where natural amenities have a large impact on buyers, tend to a home’s curb appeal by maintaining lawns and landscaping, and tidying up a backyard. Inside the home, take down personal items and photos, and let in plenty of natural light and beautiful views by opening blinds and curtains.

6. List on the MLS

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The MLS is a powerful tool that is accessible by licensed agents and brokers. When working with a professional real estate agent, you will benefit from access to this platform. If you’re selling your home, you’ll be able to use the MLS to showcase professional photos of your property’s interior and exterior and even include a listing description highlighting the property’s features. A seller might include details about the benefits of life in Lahaina, including the fantastic art galleries, shopping spots, opportunities to swim and snorkel, and the fascinating Lahaina Historic Trail.

Most importantly, the MLS boosts your listings’ visibility, as other buyers’ agents in the area can find your listing and show their clients. The MLS also feeds public platforms like Zillow,, and Redfin, which many potential buyers use when searching for homes. Finding your property online is essential to receiving more offers from interested buyers.

7. Market effectively

Sellers working with an agent can count on their effective marketing strategy that utilizes multiple tactics to reach the most buyers. They’ll create online resources like videos or virtual tours available for buyers who can’t visit a property in person, while searching out buyers locally and scheduling home showings. As a seller, it’s important to be flexible when accommodating home showings, as turning down potential buyers can have negative consequences. An agent will also know the value of an old-fashioned sign in the front yard and physical flyers.

Ready to sell your Lahaina home?

By using the tips above, you will be sure to generate plenty of buyer interest for your home sale in Lahaina. While monitoring factors like local market trends can help time a listing, acting on the factors within your control is equally as important. When you’re ready to sell your property, contact one of the experienced agents on the ‘Ohana Real Estate Team to guide you through the process.

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