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The Best (and Worst) Day to List a Home

There are dozens of decisions to make and obligations to handle before listing your home for sale. The most attractive price, the right listing agent, the renovations and upgrades you should make, and whether you should enlist the expert assistance of a contractor, home inspector, and professional stager — all are factors that ought to be carefully weighed before your home hits the market.
But one of the most imperative questions of all is, when is the best time to list a home? And why?
The blazing-hot seller’s market we found ourselves in during the past two years may have suggested to sellers that now was the correct answer. And yet, as we shift deeper into a quieter, more balanced real estate market, the reply to this question is less obvious and more nuanced.
Naturally, the timing of your listing depends on several factors. You may have landed an exciting new job halfway across the country and need to sell your home immediately. Or perhaps a family member in a different state requires your attention. Similarly, a divorce, separation, or shift in your financial circumstances have forced you to sell your residence sooner than planned and you need to put your home on the market as quickly as possible, regardless of the month, week, or day.
In other situations, however, you may have a more flexible timeline and the freedom to choose the most optimal time to drive in that for-sale sign. With this in mind, the Ohana Real Estate Team has put together this guide on the best and worst times to make your listing official.

The best day to list a home

Bankrate is one expert out of a pool of many that recommend listing your home on a Thursday. Why? Think about it. The vast majority of people work Monday through Friday. Certainly, there are exceptions to this, but even freelancers, restaurant employees, and healthcare professionals – generally, people who work outside of standard parameters – look forward to the weekend. For the first set of people, they may be conducting the lion’s share of their searches over the weekend. Listing a home on a Thursday generates intrigue and enthusiasm. Indeed, prospective buyers who work Monday through Friday generally plan to visit open houses and showings during weekends. Thursday listings may be at the forefront of their minds.
Adding to this suggestion, research indicates that you should list your home at five pm to attract the most interest. Further, data demonstrates that listing a home on a Thursday may result in selling your home quicker and for a higher price, which is nearly every seller’s primary aim.
While this recommendation extends across the nation, keep in mind that your local market will be the biggest determinant of the best time to list a home. This underscores the importance of working with a determined, responsive, and seasoned real estate agent who specializes in your city and neighborhood.

The worst day to list a home

It may not come as a surprise, but Sunday is deemed the worst day of the week to list a home. Sundays are usually dedicated to leisure time; for prospective buyers, however, they may be out and about exploring those properties that were listed on Thursday.
In fact, data collected and published by CNBC reveals that homes listed on a Thursday sell up to five times faster than properties listed on a Sunday. What also plays into this? The number of online views a home receives when it’s placed on the marketplace on a Thursday. The same research shows that properties receive five times more views than they do on the days that follow, in part because buyers and real estate agents receive alerts about new listings.
Further, if you list your home on a Sunday but won’t hold your showing until the following weekend, your momentum may stall, interest might dwindle, or another home might pop up and steal buyers’ interest. Additional data indicates that homes sold mid-week – specifically, on a Wednesday – can bring in $2,023 more than those listed on a Sunday.

The best season to list a home

Typically, it’s widely understood that spring is the most opportune time to list a home for sale. (Or, to be more precise, in the month of May.) Generally, homes located in suburban regions, which is another way of saying they possess yards, are thought to look more appealing during the months of spring, while the weather itself is more conducive to attending showings and open houses than the sizzling days of summer or the dreary months of winter. (Obviously, the latter doesn’t apply if you happen to be selling a home in Hawaii, particularly in the perpetually-sunny Kihei and Lahaina real estate markets or anywhere else that has perennially warm weather.)
Also, prospective buyers who have children may be keeping a close eye on the school year, especially if they are moving to a new city or state entirely. Purchasing a home in the spring allows their children to acclimate to their new surroundings before school resumes and allows children to slide into a new school at the start of the school calendar.

The worst season to list a home

Listing your home in the fall and winter may complicate your chances of attracting buyers’ attention and securing offers. Specifically, the month of October is considered the worst time of year to list a home. Impending travel plans, holiday expenses, and the onset of winter weather render it the least advantageous for sellers.
Timing is everything, no matter where you live. The above recommendations apply across the board, but real estate is always an incredibly local enterprise. Meaning it’s vital to work with a real estate agent who is dialed into every shift in your local market. With their expert counsel, you can rest assured that your home is listed at a time that will potentially reap the most benefits.
The Ohana Real Estate Team is the group to contact if you are considering selling your home in Maui. They have extensive experience across the island and specialize in everything from Kihei condos to Wailuku real estate. Committed, charismatic, and knowledgeable, they can provide you with the guidance you need to sell your home with confidence and ease.

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