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The One Thing No One Tells You About Listing Your Beachfront Home in Kihei

Kihei enjoys its status as one of the most dynamite enclaves in Hawaii. With six miles of the most breathtaking beaches on Maui, proximity to Makena, and an up-and-coming culinary scene, the South Side jewel is becoming particularly attractive to mainland buyers, foreign investors, and, of course, our own kama’āina — especially now with the opening of Kūlanihākoʻi High School (the controversy about the roundabout aside).

Kihei’s sublime climate and electrifying energy have fueled home sales — so much so that you, too, might be exploring the idea of adding your house to the list of beachfront homes in Kihei for sale.

You certainly wouldn’t be faulted: The median price for a single-family dwelling in Maui County is now $1.16 million as of February 2023. Whether you own a condominium near The Cove or a sprawling estate on Halama Street, chances are solid that you may see an incredible return on investment.

But, while Maui’s real estate is still going strong, it has nonetheless felt the effects of inflation and national economic concerns. Whereas homes on Maui were going like hotcakes during the height of the pandemic, there’s a new, calmer vibe dominating the island’s real estate scene. Today, homes are lingering on the market longer, which is a boon for buyers but may be of concern for sellers.

Still, the market is robust. The key to maximizing your efforts and receiving multiple offers is the one thing no one tells you about listing your beachfront home in Kihei: You may want to list your home at a slightly lower price than you might have first imagined. Not underpricing it, mind you, but taking it down just a notch.

At the onset, this may seem to run counter to your hope of earning as large of a profit as possible. But listing your home at a lower price than your competitors may attract multiple offers. This has the potential to generate even more buzz around your home and result in a bidding war, thereby giving you leverage to raise your home’s price to the amount you had hoped to obtain.

The objective, then, is to prepare your home to compel multiple buyers to put in a purchase offer. To this end, follow these steps. 

Perform a pre-listing inspection

Pre-listing inspections ensure your home is ready to meet the rigors of your buyer’s investigation. And while beachfront homes in Kihei tend toward the high-end side, and yours may be impeccable, a licensed inspector has the knowledge and expertise to suss out flaws that may be invisible to you — whether it’s mildew or mold hiding behind your appliances or a flaw with your roof that could be disastrous. Knowing what your home needs will give you a better idea of a timeline and help you plan in advance, particularly since contractors and laborers on the island are already stretched thin.

Eliminate clutter from your home, lanai, and/or yard

Your niece’s old surfboard, those paintings your kids made at Kamali’i, your collection of dried lei — all likely have meaning to you but will distract your buyer during open houses and showings. Declutter throughout your property and store what you can. The storage units on both Lipoa and off Ohukai have fair prices and friendly teams.

Rethink your curb appeal

The Pacific that fronts your home is, we know, the real curb appeal. And yet, you still want to pay close attention to how your home or condominium appears when buyers first arrive. Research shows we have approximately seven seconds to make a solid first impression. Enlist your landscaper’s assistance to “polish” your front yard, repair or replace your mailbox if it’s seen two too many days of tradewinds, power wash your exterior (especially if you live on the dustier end of North Kihei), and set pots of greenery from Ki Hana Nursery or South Maui Gardens next to your front door. These small touches can make an enormous difference.

Hire a professional stager

Homes that are professionally staged may spend less time on the market — and garner more interest. Once your home has been decluttered and professionally cleaned, enlist the talent and skills of an expert home stager who can pull buyers’ eyes toward your home’s greatest attributes.

Time your listing wisely

The day you list your home may impact the number of offers you receive. Thursday is regarded as the most promising day of the week to list a home. Why? Because motivated sellers may be planning a weekend of open houses.

Get the word out 

Social media, your real estate agent’s key connections, and the MLS are all invaluable avenues for marketing your home. And yet, don’t overlook the power of the coconut wireless. While you don’t want to spread the word too widely, you may want to share the fact that you’re selling your Kihei home with a few trusted friends, relatives, and colleagues. If you’ve lived on Maui for a while, you know how it works on the island: A cousin of your stylist’s best friend may have been exploring beachfront homes in Kihei for their family, and yours may be the perfect match. And again, the more interest you cultivate, the higher your chances might be of receiving multiple offers — and accepting the purchase offer and conditions that align with your goals and vision.

Planning to sell your home on the Valley Isle? The ‘Ohana Real Estate Team would be delighted to discuss your options and explore the idea of working together. We specialize in Kihei vacation rentals for sale, beachfront homes across the leeward side, and Upcountry homes. Schedule a consultation with us today for an impeccable and wonderful experience, knowing we’ll go to great lengths to ensure you’re satisfied.

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