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Thinking about Relocating to Wailuku? Here are 8 Things You Need to Know

Welcome to beautiful Wailuku, nestled between the eastern slopes of Maui’s Western Mountains and the mighty Pacific. This modest city serves as Maui’s government seat and a bustling business center. Despite 15% population growth since 2019, the charming family businesses and laid-back hospitality for which Wailuku has always been known still define the community. If you are considering moving to Wailuku, let the 'Ohana Real Estate Team pave the way by introducing you to the key things you need to know.

1. It’s always summertime

It wasn’t by chance that Maui earned a reputation for being a perfect tropical paradise. Temperatures consistently reach highs of 75-80 degrees and lows in the upper 60s 12 months out of the year. January through March are the rainiest months, with 6-8 days of rain per month on average.
As you are preparing to relocate, that means you can purge your closet. Say so long to coats and winter gear, boots, and other bulky attire. They serve no purpose here!

2. Wailuku offers something for everyone

As if the beaches and natural beauty surrounding Wailuku were not enough, you’ll never be more than a few minutes’ drive from:
  • History - Tour Maui Tropical Plantation to learn about the sugar industry and how it impacted the island, or visit the Maui Historical Society and enjoy unique artifacts that tell Hawaii’s story

  • Culture - visit art galleries in town or see a performance at Iao Community Theater

  • Adventure - zipline through tropical rainforests or try a new watersport, such as scuba diving or surfing

  • Shopping - from high-end boutiques to laid-back surf shops, there are plenty of one-of-a-kind shops to peruse

  • Dining - whether you’re craving Miyako Sushi, Giannotto’s Pizza, or music and eats at Guava Tree Bar and Grill, there are ample options to satisfy any palate

  • Family fun - challenge the whole family to an escape room adventure or book a Valley Isle Excursion

  • Outdoor exploration - hike Haleki’i-Pihana KeiauIao or find serenity at Kepaniwai Park

3. Think like a minimalist and maximize your experience

If you are moving to Wailuku from the mainland, you may be tempted to ship everything you own to Maui. Be forewarned that doing so can be tremendously expensive, as moving across an ocean is a far greater undertaking than moving on the continent. Additionally, the standard homes in Wailuku are typically smaller than comparable homes on the mainland — and for a much higher cost, so you are not likely to need nearly as much in terms of furnishings in your new home as you previously did. Sell the excess before you come, as we seriously doubt you’ll ever want to leave once you’ve tasted island life.

4. Keep your automobile

Public transportation is not readily available on Maui, so if you want to be able to get around the island — or just across town — you’ll want your own vehicle to do so. Shipping a car from the mainland is not terribly expensive, and a number of relocation companies can help you with this service.

5. Prepare your budget

Because of its isolation, life in Hawaii is expensive. Homes in Wailuku cost, on average, $729,000, which is significantly more than the $428,700 average across America. High costs of living can primarily be felt in the costs of utilities, groceries, and other household items. Additionally, if you’re leaving friends and family behind, budget for trips back home to visit so that you can stay connected.

6. Community is everything

The “Aloha Spirit” that is so often used to describe Hawaii defines a lifestyle of hospitality and community. Most people who move to Wailuku are thousands of miles away from their families of origin, and to thrive in their new lives, they create support networks of friends and neighbors, people they can enjoy hobbies and interests with, and those they can call upon whenever there is a need. The people are warm and engaging, interested in getting to know you, and you’ll be expected to embrace the same spirit.

7. Relocating pets to Wailuku is challenging

Hawaii is — and strives to remain — rabies-free. For this reason, the requirements for bringing pets onto the island are very strict. You will need to make sure your pet is 100% up to date on vaccinations and have accurate veterinary records to prove it. If you don’t, your four-legged family member may be forced to spend several months in quarantine in Honolulu at a tremendous expense to you. For precise information and required forms, take a look at the Animal Quarantine Branch of Hawaii’s state government.

8. Wailuku’s renaissance

Efforts are underway to bring new life and vitality to Wailuku, and it’s working. New businesses are opening, tourism is returning to pre-pandemic levels, and community life is stronger than ever. Entrepreneurs, hospitality workers, healthcare providers, and state government officials, just to name a few sectors, are all in-demand professionals.

It’s a great time to be moving to Wailuku

With all this growth, culture, and vitality, it’s a great time to make your dream of living in Maui a reality. Housing prices have stabilized since the post-pandemic surge, and the inventory of houses on the market has increased significantly in the last two months. To learn more about the great properties available in Wailuku and all that this charming community has to offer, reach out to the 'Ohana Real Estate Team today. We’ll see you on Maui soon!

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