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Top 5 Staging Tips for Your Maui Home

You want every potential buyer who views your home to see themselves living in it. You also want them to view all of the space and unique features of your home in a positive light. The best way to help buyers with this process is to stage your home appropriately. From the initial declutter and deep clean, to a checklist of things to do on the day of a showing, this list will give you five staging tips for your Maui home.

Declutter and deep clean

The first items on your to-do list when you’re preparing to stage your home in Upcountry Maui is to declutter and deep clean. You will want to start by removing as many personal items from your home as possible. This includes any family photos or pieces of art that speak too much to your style. You want your potential buyers to see themselves living in the home, which is difficult to do when the decor is too personalized. You may want to invest in a storage unit or ask family or friends if you can temporarily store some items at their house.
Next, you will want to deep clean your home. Potential buyers will be looking in every nook and cranny of your home, so you want to make sure to hit areas that you may not clean on a regular basis. You will also be moving around your furniture, so make sure that you vacuum, carpet shampoo, or mop under each piece of furniture. Check the corners of rooms and the backs of cabinets and closets for dirt and grime that can accumulate over the years.
While you’re looking in the closets, make sure they are organized and as empty as possible, too. Potential homebuyers will want to get a good look at the storage areas of the home, and it can be difficult to judge the size of the space when it’s cluttered with items or even storage bins.

Make necessary repairs

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After you declutter and deep clean your Upcountry Maui real estate, you will want to make any small repairs that you can. Potential buyers want to know that they won’t have to sink a lot of additional money into repairs after they make a home purchase. Look at all of your plumbing and faucets and make sure they are in good repair. Check all of the lighting fixtures and outlets to ensure that they are working properly. Fill in all of the nail holes that you have made in your walls over the years. Oil any squeaky doors and make sure all of the screens in your windows are in excellent condition.
While you’re making necessary repairs, check the condition of the paint in your rooms. You may consider adding a coat of paint to either provide a more neutral tone to the room, or just to freshen up the space and give it a new, clean look.

Stage the main rooms

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Next, you will want to appropriately stage the main rooms of your Upcountry Maui home. The kitchen is one of the first rooms that a homebuyer will look at. It’s viewed as a place to cook meals, but also as a place to gather and socialize. Remove any small appliances and clutter from countertops. If you have seating space in the kitchen, stage it to look like it’s ready to host a meal.
Your living room is also an important aspect of gathering and socializing. Move your furniture away from the walls, but keep them appropriately sized so that the room looks as large as possible, even if it’s not the largest room in the house.
The bathrooms are also going to be an important aspect of the house for potential buyers. Remove all of the clutter of hygiene items. Consider displaying towels, bath mats, and shower curtains that follow a neutral color palette.

The master bedroom is the final main room of your house that you will want to spend time staging. Make your bed and add accent pillows and a fluffy comforter to make the space look inviting. Add pillows in odd numbers to keep the look of the likely symmetrical space interesting. Make sure your closets are as empty as possible, too.

Increase curb appeal

Finally, you will want to increase the curb appeal of your Upcountry Maui home. The outside of your home is the first look that potential buyers will have of the property. Make sure that it’s spruced up and will give the potential buyer a good first impression.
Start by pressure washing your siding and sidewalks to remove built-up grime. Make sure that your property is well-lit in case the potential buyer drives by at night to get a feel for the neighborhood after dark.
One way to increase the bright colors that look appealing on the outside of a home is to paint or replace your front door. If you choose to replace your door, you may also be adding additional energy efficiency to the home. If you still need to add a pop of color to the outside of your home, consider planting some seasonal flowers. While you’re looking at the plants around your home, make sure that all of your trees and shrubs are trimmed back and that your landscaping is well maintained.

Checklist for showing days

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You will want to keep a checklist of things to do on the day that an Upcountry Maui real estate agent is showing your home. The more you can do to appeal to the potential buyer’s five senses, the more attached they will become to your home.
Mow your lawn to give it a professional appearance. Hide any cords that may be left around your home—especially TVs, computers, and phone chargers. Deodorize your home by using candles or wax melts with subtle scents. Consider making some fresh baked goods to increase the pleasant aromas in your kitchen. Don’t forget about the sounds of your home and neighborhood as well. You shouldn’t try to cover up any outside noises, but you may want to consider some light music to play during the showing. If you have any wind chimes or outdoor water features, they will also help with the outdoor background noise.
Now that you have properly prepared your Upcountry Maui home to sell by staging it appropriately, you’re ready to list it on the market. You will want to work with a real estate team that will provide you with the same level of care that they would provide for their own family. The Ohana Real Estate Team works to develop relationships with their clients to build trust and provide them with an exceptional experience. When you’re ready to list your home for sale, reach out to The Ohana Real Estate Team for expert guidance.

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