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Top 8 Places to Shop in Makawao

Many people visit Makawao for exciting outdoor activities and beautiful ocean views. Another major draw in Makawao is the excellent shops and boutiques. If you’re visiting Makawao in the near future and you’re planning to spend some of your time shopping, here are a few of the top shops in the area worth checking out.

1. Baldwin Avenue

You can’t discuss Makawao shopping without talking about Baldwin Avenue. You’ll find everything from clothing to jewelry to artwork to seasonings as you walk through the boutiques that line this street. You can spend an entire day working your way through each shop and taking your time as you view what each store owner has to offer. You’ll get a better feel for Makawao’s unique tradition and history as you move through each store, and you’ll undoubtedly find several unique souvenirs and gifts to bring home with you.

2. Maui Master Jewelers

The mission of Maui Master Jewelers is to provide natural gifts through a creative vision. Located near the slopes of Haleakala, their gallery displays the work of more than 30 jewelers who live across the globe, although many of them are local to the islands. Each artist produces carefully-made jewelry that reflects their own unique voice and influences. They use a variety of materials in their creations, including gold, silver, and platinum. When you shop at Maui Master Jewelers, you’ll find wedding bands, pendants, bracelets, and beautiful necklaces. One of their featured collections is their selection of bone, antler, and jade carvings sourced directly from New Zealand. Maui Master Jewelers is a can’t-miss shop for anyone visiting Makawao.

3. Sherri Reeve Gallery and Gifts

Sherri Reeve Gallery and Gifts sells clothing, paper art, metal art, and other household gifts. They regularly offer special interest classes where students can learn for themselves how to create similar art to what they’ll see for sale and on display in the store. Sherri Reeve’s collection reflects her 25 years of past experience. She was first born in California, but she moved to Oahu when she was only six years old. The colors of the islands had a strong influence on Sherri from the time when she was a child. Sherri’s products have been sold and distributed in various stores since the 1980s. Her store is usually open from 9 am until 4 pm on weekdays and from 10 am until 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

4. Pink by Nature Maui

Pink by Nature Maui first opened its doors in 2004. The idea was to curate unique handmade art with high attention to detail. The boutique offers a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories with a laidback aesthetic while also offering a degree of sophistication. They are known for their soft and modern choices, but you’ll also find plenty of classics that can fully complement any lifestyle. They offer clothes for men and women along with jewelry, accessories, and home decor.

5. HaleZen Home Decor and More

No Makawao shopping trip is complete without a trip to HaleZen. Their boutique offers one-of-a-kind home furnishings, linens, women’s clothing, and designer jewelry. They carry a variety of local brands and regularly update their inventory, so you’ll always find something new in the store. Many of their featured products are from the Make Sea line of contemporary luxury pillows and linens made on the island of Maui. Each piece is hand-beaded and screen printed with beautiful designs. They also donate one dollar from every pillow they sell to benefit a local birthing and women’s health clinic.

6. Little Tibet Store Maui

While many of the stores on this list have been newer additions to the shopping scene in Makawao, Little Tibet has been around for several years and has built a reputation as one of the top stores in the area over time. Jacques Perrault has been making his world-class jewelry and selling it to locals and tourists in his Makawao store since the early 1980s. His handmade pieces are elegantly made, and each one will take your breath away.

7. Dragon’s Den

Dragon’s Den Herb Shop is the place to find all of the health and wellness products you need to feel your best and enrich your quality of life. They first opened in 1988, and their mission is to be the place where health happens in Makawao. They offer a large selection of organic herbs and teas along with incense, candles, books, crystals, and supplements. Their knowledgeable staff loves to help assist customers with their healing and nutritional needs. They provide value not only through their products but also through their insight and expertise. Come by to enjoy a cup of tea and browse their selection of health and wellness products.

8. Fleur de Lei

Fleur de Lei is a boutique that sells clothing for both men and women. They have new seasonal arrivals coming in throughout the year, so you’re guaranteed to find the styles you’re looking for. They take pride in using eco-friendly materials, and they source all of their products ethically. Their core belief is that nature should guide each person as they look to enhance their style or decorate their home. Everything they carry is meant to tell stories and open windows into new thoughts about design and fashion. Their Makawao boutique is one-of-a-kind, but if you’re not able to visit in person, you can browse their selection on their website.

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